The Mid-Atlantic Boating Destination Guide

The Mid-Atlantic Boating Destination Guide

First: How To Find The Proper Boat?

Finding the perfect boat, in case you’re new to this activity, is perhaps the tricky part of the whole business —just like deciding what RV is the best option for camping, acquiring a boat poses an equally hard challenge as well. It seems there’s at least a 3:1 ratio between people looking for a traditional vessel and people looking for other people offering spots in their boats.

Turns out it is not as easy as one might initially think. Getting a boat for a ride, especially during summer is hard. How to get a boat, then? Email people. Even 6 months in advance, those individuals looking for a good ride across Mid-Atlantic waters start emailing other individuals who offer this service in hopes of booking one day in the waters.

However, regardless of whether you’re looking for a ride in one of the following places or have your own vessel, boating and sailing will always be one of the country’s favorite summer activities, and although summer isn’t particularly close, and boating enthusiasts still need to wait several months to sail Mid-Atlantic waters, it is never a bad idea to be excited about that time of the year and that amazing activity —the sun making its first appearance, announcing it’s time to go boating.

That’s why, as mentioned in other articles by Sudir Raju in this blog, we’re gonna dedicate special attention to this gratifying outdoor activity and compile some of the best boating destinations in this area of the country.

Sag Harbor, N.Y.

Sag Harbor, located in New York, used to be a whaling destination back in the day. Soon after the 19th century was over, this location went on to become a lively boating destination, leaving behind its predecessor activity. In the past, it was really common for locals to enjoy life in many of the Victorian-style buildings, the French-inspired boutiques, galleries, and perhaps many of this area’s best restaurants.

The calm waters and the clean beaches seemed to provide locals with the ideal climatic conditions for farming oysters. Now, Sag Harbor is the hub of nightlife and dining —aside from sailing, it is also possible to come across all kinds of options, ranging from avant-garde nightclubs and cozy lounges. When it comes to boating, the docking takes place near the Sag Harbor Yacht Club, which also provides sailors with berths and fuel.

Atlantic City, N.J.

Atlantic City is best known for being home to one of the country’s first seaside walkway: a four-mile long promenade that allows visitors to encounter all kinds of places, ranging from traditional blackjack tables to simple docks from which you can see the crystal water. Sailors can definitely enjoy these waters during the day and have a blast during the night.

The playground offers a rather diverse shopping experience, from Louis Vuitton to Gucci. The Marina District, after suffering many transformations over time, has now become the pinnacle of nightlife —resorts, hotels, and casinos can be found almost everywhere.

Sailors can dock at the Golden Nugget Atlantic City Resort, which provides visitors with dockage for vessels up to 200 feet. In case you’re looking forward to docking a little bit further from all those somewhat big crowds, consider paying a visit to Kammerman’s Marina.

New York, N.Y.

Almost a decade ago, the city of New York put in motion a plan to revitalize its shoreline. Plenty of new waterfront developments allowed the city to claim back its beaches, allowing its massive urban island to enjoy these waters again. Aside from being one of the most visited cities in the world, New York is also a coveted boating destination. The Hudson River and its near waters allow boating enthusiasts to reach different parts of the city.

Vessels up to 300 feet can dock right at the MarineMax in the Hudson River, which also provides sailors with access to New York’s latest amenities including the renown Chelsea Piers. Additionally, New York is home to the Mid-Atlantic Boat Show. If you just docked there, make sure to step aboard again to explore vessels of all shapes and sizes, especially the latest models. Talk with other boaters and boating experts about the latest developments and innovations to make your next adventure more enthralling. And if you’re considering changing your boat, this is also the opportunity to find the boat of your dreams!

The Hamptons, N.Y.

The Hamptons is best known for being an iconic galvanization of villages and seaside hamlets, surrounded by pristine beaches with steep dunes. All these elements peacefully coexist, providing sailors and boating enthusiasts with a breathtaking visual experience. The water is calm, the wind is perfect, saltwater taffy can be smelled everywhere. The Hamptons is an incredible place; known for having being a land that once farmed potatoes, The Hamptons is now fully dedicated to the production of grapes and wine.

If you’re going there by boat, bear in mind there are several places to dock. One, located near Halsey’s Marina, offers space for all kinds of vessels, including yachts up to 80 feet. If you require more space, ask for directions on how to get to the Neighboring Gardiner’s Marina.