The Best Local Spots For A Romantic Date In Maryland

The Best Local Spots For A Romantic Date In Maryland

The expression “romance is in the air!” will never get old. Getting ready for the big day demands a certain amount of planning, but regardless of whether you already have plans or not, Sudir Raju has got you covered with a compilation of the best outdoor places to go on a romantic date in Maryland. Stop binging on Netflix and avoid going to crowded places and restaurants, and most importantly stay away from overpriced, tasteless food. Go outside instead, and make some memories with your special someone before succumbing to despair.


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Rock Creek Park

Located in Washington, D.C, Rock Creek Park is the perfect place for couples. Take your partner and head towards the astounding and breathtaking creeks around this area. Rock Creek happens to be an almost 130-year old national park and one of the state’s natural treasures. Couples get to enjoy more than 30 miles of trails for either hiking, trekking or biking, a tennis court, an entire golf course, horseback riding and more. If you’re looking for something more relaxing, we’ve got you covered as well: head into the planetarium and enjoy an amazing stargazing experience! Remember, before recklessly going with no plans in mind, it is advisable to make picnic reservations so you can enjoy a pleasant day with your partner.


Key Bridge

Key Bridge, between Georgetown and Rosslyn, VA, was actually named after the composer of the Star Spangled Banner: Francis Scott Key Bridge. The bridge connects Arlington, VA to Georgetown, and happens to be the oldest bridge along the Potomac River. Couples often go to enjoy a lovely walk along the bridge whilst the sun sets —it’s definitely a memory you want to make and bring with yourself! And also you get to eat some of the greatest food this area has to offer.


Luray Caverns

Located in Luray, VA, these caverns are the perfect outdoor romantic getaway. Head towards the headwaters of the Potomac in the Shenandoah Valley whenever you feel like having a romantic day with your special one. Going straight from the city will serve as the perfect introduction to an amazing day thanks to the incredible locations along the way —museums, gardens, parks, etc. There’s no way you can go wrong! Thinking of proposing to your partner? Luray Caverns is known for offering couples enticing and attractive engagement packages —they even host weddings at some of their venues!


Old Town Alexandria

Are you fond of calm and quiet places? Do you happen to like a city’s atmosphere but not its frenetic and crowded rhythm? If so, Old Town Alexandria, right in Alexandria, Virginia, is the perfect place for you —and your couple. Old Town Alexandria is known for being one of the country’s best-preserved districts. Right on the Potomac River, the district has a myriad of historical attractions as well as shops, restaurants, creameries, and breweries. Besides, Old Town offers couples incredible and amazing views of the river from any of its parks.


Dumbarton Oaks

Just a few minutes away from Georgetown, in Washington, D.C, Dumbarton Oaks and its gardens are the perfect getaway for a peaceful alternative in case you’re looking for something different. Stay away from the traditional —and busy— shopping district and pay a visit to the museums and the gardens. Both locations open year-round, and are the ideal location, surrounded by a beautiful and breathtaking scenery, for enjoying each other’s company.

Be that as it may, Maryland is full of amazing locations not only meant for outdoor activities —going on a romantic getaway is also a good way to seize what the state has to offer. From the beaches right on the Eastern Shore to the mountains of Western Maryland, the state is full of colorful and quaint locations and spots to visit. In fact, although we have covered some of the most popular locations couples can go to, the reality is that the list goes on and on: The Castle of Maryvale, Weverton Cliffs and The Appalachian Trails, Belmont Manor, Fort McHenry, Ocean City, Hampton National Historic Site, Lilypons Water Garden, etc.


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You don’t want to fall victim to the already worn-out traps romantic dates can bring; you definitely can relate to being looking for something out-of-the-ordinary, maybe original, to do. Simply remember where you live —although many places would serve as a “safe” choice for romantic dates, there’s more than what initially meets the eye, and actually, most will not be as expensive as you think. There are a plethora of romantic spots in Maryland, so there’s no excuse to let your romantic dates ideas fade away. If you want to try something different and take things to the next step with that special someone, the aforementioned places will definitely help you out. Just be imaginative!