Still Wondering Where To Take Your Kids On Vacation?

Still Wondering Where To Take Your Kids On Vacation?

Holiday season is just around the corner —and one of the most common concerns about this time of the year will always be: what now? Some families always plan their vacations in advance so they don’t have to spend dozens of hours trying to figure out what to to with their kids or themselves. Just outside Washington, D.C. you can find open lands, harbor cities, miles of breathtaking shoreline along Chesapeake Bay and a myriad of activities you can do with your family.

As Sudir Raju has previously mentioned in other articles, this area in particular allows both locals and foreigners to carry out a plethora of different outdoor activities, so check out these things you can do in Maryland at any time!


Go back in history at the State’s Capital

Annapolis, the state’s capital, has always been a meeting place for families, foreigners, individuals on their own, etc., as it’s perhaps the best place to get a really deep insight on the history of America —and some of Maryland’s best amenities and specialties, as well. Go straight to the Maryland State House to catch a glimpse of the time when General George Washington is said to have resigned his position as Chief of the Army

There are also several places in Annapolis where you can educate yourself a bit more on American history. If history is one of your hobbies, make sure to visit Maryland’s historic buildings —you can find a guided tour pretty much everywhere. Head towards the William Paca House or the United States Naval Academy if you’re going with your family —kids are always fond of exploring and checking out Navy things.

Once you’re done with the history lesson, head to one of the capital’s friendly restaurants: the options are countless, especially for breakfast. If you’re more into seafood, especially kid-friendly, make sure you pay a visit to Boatyard Bar and Grill. In the end, there’s nothing like educating yourself more on your own country whilst having the opportunity to eat and binge on some of the state’s specialities.


Photo by Anna Samoylova on Unsplash


The U-pick Orchard: A Nice Place To Pick Berries And Cherries

Even though Maryland has several suburban areas for certain, mostly around Baltimore and Washington D.C, the vast majority of the state’s landscape is highly dominated by extensive and breathtaking farmlands. Practically from anywhere in the suburbs, it only takes a 25 minute drive to the nearest U-Pick farm. If you or your family are on the road, simply make a short stop and get yourself some cherries, berries, and even peaches, at Larriland Farm. Admit it: there’s nothing like a road trip with freshly hand-picked berries and fruit snacks whilst enjoying the family and the state’s landscape.

Be that as it may, fruit is not the only food families can find on their way to the outskirts —there are several creameries and other milk-based product factories that are also worth visiting if you have the opportunity. Since most of these are located in rural areas, it is common for this places to have animals like cows and calves kids can interact with. Think of these places as farms that produce their own products and sell them to visitors. It’s still a nice opportunity for you and your family to get acquainted with this industry whilst enjoying their products. You’re not gonna regret it. South Mountain Creamery in Frederick County is the most coveted place in case you were wondering about names and locations.


Chase A Bald Eagle

Practically any kid in the United States knows what a bald eagle looks like, but how many kids, especially those who don’t go out that much, can assert they’ve seen one in its own habitat? Birdwatching, as mentioned in other articles, is one of Maryland’s most coveted hobbies given the amounts of farmlands and green areas around the state, so if you’re looking forward to spotting some eagles out in the wild, don’t think twice and head towards the Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge or any other park along the Potomac River.


Photo by Juliane Liebermann on <”>Unsplash


The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge is just a 35 minute ride from the well-known Hyatt Chesapeake Bay Resort. You can see ten or more eagles flying over the refuge, and several more fishing down the river. This is definitely a memory that will accompany your kids for quite some time, and will certainly remind them that bald eagles stand out for  more than simply being one of the country’s symbol, but also for being incredible and beautiful animals as well. In in the end, who else cans say they had the chance of watching a real eagle in the capital?

Maryland is definitely a state known for its amazing and rich history, its food and its means of transportation —which come in handy, especially if you’re looking forward to exploring the area with kids; however, the state has got much to offer aside from the places we’ve mentioned. Holiday season and kids always go together, so make sure to pay a visit to the amazing Six Flags America and the entertaining Glen Echo Park.

If you and your family is one of those families fond of blistering experiences, these places are definitely worth visiting. Do your kids get excited by animals? Don’t think twice —not only is the Maryland Zoo an amazing place to go, but also the sheer array of petting farms you can visit. When it comes to having fun in Maryland, the options will definitely outnumber the members of your family —do your research and plan in advance. You will definitely have a blast!