Stargazing: A Marvelous Experience You Can Also Have In Maryland

Stargazing: A Marvelous Experience You Can Also Have In Maryland

Whether you choose to believe or not, back then, in the time prior to the invention of the electric bulb, people and common individuals were fond of watching the sky and gazing at the stars during the night. Today, many of us have not really gotten the opportunity to see a real dark sky. In fact, according to a study, less than 10% of the American population has ever seen the sky in its full potential: this is, of course, in its total darkness. As mentioned in the previous article, today this experience has been enjoying a new boom.


night sky
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Urban life may be the one to blame for this unfortunate side effect of today’s fourth industrial revolution and staggering industrialization pace. Be that as it may, cities, as they expand, need to embrace technologies and the rapid degree to which industries evolve so that they can develop. Therefore, no wonder why stargazing went from being such a romantic and wonderful experience to something somewhat forgotten. Nonetheless, and although lights have overtaken the view of the sky and the stars, there are specific places you can visit in Maryland to gaze at the dark night: Cherry Springs State Park, for instance, is one of them.

Our ancestors definitely had the chance to cherish the light-free dark sky—and since the idea is for you to be able to do the same even though today’s urban landscape prevents you from doing so directly from the comfort of your own home, Sudir Raju, as he has already mentioned in other articles, has found the perfect way to do: right at Cherry Springs State Park, you can live and experience what stargazing felt like back then. Dubbed as one of the most important dark sky destinations in the country and even in the world, the park serves as the perfect opportunity for either gazing, studying or just getting a much in-depth understanding of our size compared to the rest of the universe.


The Best Opportunity For Gazing At The Stars

In Pennsylvania and the vast majority of mid-Atlantic states, there are about 65 to 80 nights a year that pose the best scenario—with the ideal stargazing conditions—for gazing at the stars. Of course, and depending on whether you are lucky or not—for it is quite hard do foresee the degree to which the sky is going to be covered by clouds or not—you will likely be able to catch a glimpse of the following eventualities or astral bodies: constellations, asteroids, the evening star (commonly referred to as Venus), aurora borealis (commonly referred to as the Northern Lights), Omega Nebula, a possible meteor shower, the milky way, Andromeda Galaxy, the American space station and a view of the moon you have never experienced before.

And since the idea is to get the most out of the experience, it is best if you get yourself ready prior to recklessly going without proper equipment. Therefore, and for you to really have a terrific memory about this trip outside your home, you will need a few items.


What To Bring

As mentioned above, you will definitely need a few items to fully enjoy the stargazing experience; however, these happen to not be a lot of things and with just the basic things you will catch a glimpse of the greatest show on the planet, directly at Cherry Springs outside Maryland. You will need: warm clothes, even during summer days (or nights), a flashlight, binoculars, camping equipment or at least a blanket and, if you are feeling more adventurous and you consider yourself the ultimate stargazing enthusiast, a constellation map or guide right on your mobile.


When Is The Best Time To Go?


night sky
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The downside of the whole stargazing experience is the fact, or, better, the chance, of not meeting proper sky conditions. As you have surely guessed, the night sky can be random; however, although celestial bodies do not really care much about who gazes at them, here are some of the best times you can get better chances of increasing your stargazing and viewing potential: during fall and even winter, the stargazing field at the park is heavily crowded, and although the stargazing experience is open year-round, the aforementioned seasons happen to be the best times of the years to visit Cherry Springs State Park. Of course, and given the nature of the mid-Atlantic weather, the temperature is likely to be much chillier, but since there will also be less humidity and a longer night-time, your chances to gaze into the stars and actually get to see something out of the ordinary will be greater.

In spring and summer, the park receives a lot of visitors. The milky way, for instance, is watchable every single night and the evenings turn out to be the time where people make their best memories. If this sounds appealing to you and you are looking forward to doing something different, a new type of outdoor activity, you should really give this a try. Have a look around and gather enough information about stargazing, about the park, and pretty much about everything related so that you can come up with a plan to take your loved one or your family on a breathtaking adventure.