Running In Baltimore: The Roads You Probably Were Not Aware Of

Running In Baltimore: The Roads You Probably Were Not Aware Of

Although mid-Atlantic states have plenty of attractive locations for outdoor activities—especially hiking and biking locations, as per discussed in previous articles by Sudir Raju—, there are also many other physical activities that can be done around that particular area. In this post, we are going to cover some of the better places for a walk in the Baltimore area. Maybe you are already bored with your traditional and pretty much familiar run and you are wondering about other possibilities for hitting the road. Here are several other places to run in the wonderful Baltimore area:




Quiet Waters Park

Who does not love to run in the woods? Everybody knows how comforting it is. With its trails full of trees and beautiful grounds, this particular trail is one of the best opportunities for runners to enjoy a different type of landscape. Besides, it also comes with a big plus, as there is a huge playground for children should you decide to have your little ones come with you. The distance: six-mile loop.


jogging trail
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B&A Trail

If you are just getting started with running and do not want to take things up a notch yet, this trail is the perfect choice: it is flat and fast, and runners can find water fountains every mile and then. Unlike the trail mentioned above, the distance (out and back) can go from zero to 26 miles, so it is rather up to you how much you are willing to push yourself should you decide to hit this road.



And who does not love to run along the water? Seize the beautiful mid-Atlantic weather and hit this road (half of the road actually runs along the water) with a running buddy if possible. This beautiful location provides runners with amazing landscapes and the perfect possibility to exercise while enjoying the beautiful weather. There are, nonetheless, several things to remember should you decide to try it: no headphones allowed and make sure you are always carrying your ID during the four-mile loop.


Kinder Park Farm

In Baltimore it is possible to find all sorts of routes: paved, indoor, outdoor, along the water, in the woods, etc., however, it turns out there is a special track that, while most of its length is paved, there are also several areas throughout the whole park to spend some time in the woods or even run along the wooden and dirt trails. Water fountains can be found in the park, as well as bathrooms and two different playgrounds for the little ones. Depending on your fitness level, you can attempt to jog or run for a three up to five-mile loop.




Patterson Park

This rather challenging loop with steep hills is quite a workout. You can access the area by car and actually allows you, depending on your fitness level, to run from one to six miles. Make sure to bring proper hydration and a towel: you are going to need them!


Inner Harbor Run

This route also allows you to test yourself and your fitness level—aside from enjoying quite a view!—. If you decide to take on the 15-mile road, you can go from Charm City Return McHenry Row and go all the way down to the Aquarium. In fact, this place offers many possibilities for runners of all ages and fitness level, as it is possible to run from one up to 15 miles in different directions. Make sure to bring proper hydration should you decide to take on the longest distance.


Fort McHenry Run

As mentioned above, this area, and Baltimore, in fact, offers many possibilities. Here you can also start at Charm City Return McHenry and run all the way down to the very entrance of Fort McHenry. Unlike other routes, this trail can be attempted by pretty much every running enthusiasts as it is just a three to five-mile run. Besides, it is also a great opportunity to see not only the city but the water.


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Susquehanna State Park

This no less than a large compilation of trails provides runners with a variety of possibilities depending on their fitness level. Susquehanna State Park contains more than ten miles of different trails, most of which are appealing to hikers, runners, mountain bikers, families and pretty much everyone eager to enjoy some quality time outside. Since this is rather a compilation of different roads, the degree of difficulty obviously varies an ranges from easy to difficult; however, it is quite a wonderful place to spend the day even if you are not that into strenuous physical activity, since the park’s maintained trails pose as a good opportunity to take a calm walk throughout different landscapes, paths, etc. But if you are feeling even more adventurous you can also practice horseback riding in the park, as plenty of equestrians find this place ideal for practicing this amazing activity.