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6 Beautiful Hiking Trails In Maryland and West Virginia

6 Beautiful Hiking Trails In Maryland and West Virginia

Let’s face it: many people are avid hikers. And since many are fond of hitting the trail at the next possible opportunity, the internet is full of amazing recommendations about places, trails, hikes, landscapes, etc., all of them as recommendable as any other. And since the United States is full of amazing places, it is no less than understandable that most hikers tend to share their stories, pictures, videos, and experiences on social media and forums to encourage folks to follow their example.


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Baltimore, Maryland, and West Virginia are amazing locations, known, amongst other things, for their hikes, trails and motley locations, and despite most locations are beyond a reasonable driving distance, if you are willing to drive a few hours to escape routine and have a day trip, these hikes are the perfect choice for you. Here are 6 amazing trails between West Virginia and Maryland:


High Rock

If you are not even a hiking enthusiast and are just considering hitting the trail for the first time, High Rock is the perfect hike for you (that is, if you consider it a proper hike). Be that as it may, High Rock is the perfect spot to enjoy an amazing view and relax for a few hours. It is considered the perfect spot for those who are not big fans of hiking, since it is possible to drive right up to the top. If you want to try something different and have an amazing day outside, make sure you visit High Rock. You will not be disappointed.


Bear Rocks Preserve

This incredible and amazing spot looks over the Monongahela National Forest. The hike isn’t as challenging as other hikes, but it still takes you over several nice spots if you want to get into the sport. In fact, other near trails, given the extension of this area, take you on hikes up to eight miles. So, if you are looking for an adventure and willing to spend a full day doing something surprisingly gratifying, then drive all the way to Dolly Sods Wilderness, but bear in mind that going in and out the wilderness area is perhaps the hardest part of the day.


Blackwater Falls

Located near Davis, West Virginia, Blackwater Falls State Park is perhaps one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the country. It even possesses a road that takes you right to the bottom of the waterfall, and if you are looking forward to hitting the trail as well there are several hikes and trails around the park that take you to breathtaking views. If you are just getting started with hiking, the park offers a variety of trails for all kinds of levels of expertise, so don’t worry and explore this amazing area.


Swallow Falls State Park

This park has four different waterfalls around its grounds. It is the perfect place to have a relaxing day while walking across a two-mile trail. Swallow Falls State park allows hikers and visitors to hop in the water if they happen to get hot, and it is the perfect place as well for families. It features camping zones, which makes this place an all-included great spot to spend the day with your family and pets. Make sure to bring enough food, water, and appropriate clothing, as you will be certainly needing an extra t-shirt and an extra pair of pants once you reach the bottom and the water fun begins.


Catoctin Mountain Park

This park is known for two amazing and breathtaking views: Wolf Rock and Chimney Rock. The hike is a bit harder than the ones described before, which is why it is recommendable to try those first just to get used to the sport. However, if you want to go straight to Catoctin Mountain Park, bear in mind that the hike to both places is about six miles back and forth; if you want to try the full loop you will be covering a bigger extension a lot more ground. Make sure to go prepared: appropriate clothing, food, sunscreen, repellent and, more importantly, water.



Catoctin Mountain Park
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Susquehanna State Park

If you are looking for a great place to see the water while walking a simple loop around the area, Susquehanna State Park is the place to go. Bear in mind that given the nature of the Mid-Atlantic weather, depending on when you decide to go will determine whether the trails will be a bit muddy. Also, pay special attention to trees on the ground and maybe unstable trees as well. You certainly want to avoid an accident or, worse, a tragedy. If you also happen to be an avid photographer, the park offers breathtaking views and amazing spots to take amazing pictures. So don’t think twice: if you’re looking for a place to get some fresh air, escape from the routine and take incredible pictures, this park is no less than the perfect place.


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