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4 Mid-Atlantic Resorts That Are Great For Families And Kids

4 Mid-Atlantic Resorts That Are Great For Families And Kids

The Mid-Atlantic is a tremendous region to explore, enjoy, and have a blast by yourself and your family, given the incredible amounts of outdoor activities you can find. As mentioned in other blog posts by Sudir Raju, if you’re looking for an adventure, especially for you and your family, the Mid-Atlantic offers plenty of places to visit.

If you’re looking for a friendly and fun family resort, this region of the country is the place to go —there’s access to the beach, mountains, incredible cities within a reasonable distance, etc. Whether you wish to unplug your kids from their smartphones and digital gadgets, invite your wife to go on an adventure, or simply enjoy the breathtaking landscapes, there’s something for every single member of your family.

The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort

The Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay, situated on the motley Eastern Shore in Cambridge, is located on more than 300 acres on the banks of the Choptank River. If you and your family live anywhere near the Eastern Shore, this resort is an ideal option for you and your family. Activities include tennis, golf, jogging tracks, swimming, fitness center, an animal refuge, etc.

There are plenty of activities you and your family can enjoy —you can enjoy the night whilst eating some s’mores, swimming with your kids in the pool, and take a stroll with your wife by the marina. In case you need a break from each other, you can send your kids to Camp Hyatt: a fun place full of activities specially designed for kids, which allows you to have time for yourself.

As mentioned above, this place is located in Cambridge, Maryland, a place settled around 1684, and a place that happens to be one of the oldest towns in the country. In fact, its historic streets are full of trendy shops, and in case you’re looking for some cultural activities, you can always attend a festival, as these take place every time of the year.

Omni Bedford Springs Resort

Omni Bedford Springs is best known for attracting visitors seeking some of healing. For more than two centuries, Omni Bedford Springs’ mineral springs have provided visitors with rest, relaxation, but most importantly with healing due to the properties of the water.

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This place is also an ideal destination for families, as the resort features a myriad of amenities and activities that the whole family can enjoy together: indoor spring swimming pools, golf, and plenty of dining options. Additionally, there are also several hiking trails, biking tracks, and tennis and volleyball courts around the resort, but if you’re looking for a more didactical type of activity, you can attend the cooking classes hosted within the premises.

Aside from being famous for its mineral waters, Omni Bedford Springs Resort is a place of history —having hosted all kinds of characters, ranging from United States presidents to artists, the resort was completely remodeled almost ten years ago, and now portrays a more sophisticated style.


Woodloch is often dubbed as one of the best family resorts in the Mid-Atlantic. Best known for being an astonishing four-season place specially designed for family retreats, the place is located in a picturesque mountain with its own lake.

The place is also famous for its hospitality. Being a family owned resort since 1960, the hospitality developed as a consequence of having hosted friends and families for almost 60 years. Thus, the place focuses on providing families with family activities: bakery classes, sports, and games are the main focus.

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As the vast majority of resorts in the United States, Woodloch also includes a sheer array of amenities: fresh meals, entertainment, a small zoo, aquatic activities, and playgrounds.

Nemacolin Woodlands

This resort is located in the Southwestern part of Pennsylvania. This 2,000-acre resort boasts three different hotel options: Falling Rock, The Lodge, and Chateau Lafayette. Falling Rock, resembling the architectural style of Frank Lloyd, provides visitors with a hotel experience right on the golf course; The Lodge, portraying the cozy English style; and Chateau Lafayette, inspired by Parisian culture and resembling the best resorts in Europe.

Nemacolin Woodlands offers families, but especially kids, the opportunity to enjoy both the myriad of different activities they can do outside, and to feel home when taking a break, as the resort includes all kinds of indoor activities such as video games, movie theatre, etc. If you want to spend a nice evening with your significant other, go take on the 18-hole mini golf course. Want to bring the kids into the fun? Go for a swim in the incredibly paradise pool.

The Woodlands also boasts a unique and historic car showroom, an airplane hangar that hosts vintage planes, and all kind of incredible attractions. In fact, if you think cars and planes are simply not enough, the resort also happens to be home to bears, bisons, a bengal tiger, wolves and lions. Across from the wildlife academy, there are playhouses, playgrounds, and all kinds of places to visit and have a blast with your family.

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