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Some of the best water activities in Maryland

Some of the best water activities in Maryland

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Maryland is known for being one of the states of the union with the best waterscapes, and, at the same time, for offering one of the widest varieties of water activities in the US. For this reason, people from all over the country travel directly to the Old Line State to practice sports and have fun in its rivers, lakes, and Atlantic coasts during the summer. Let’s look at some of the thousands of water activities that can help you stay fit and in touch with the peaceful and generous nature of this southern state.

Trout fishing in the Savage River

An excellent way to release stress, to remain silent, and to exercise patience is to go fishing. In addition to always bringing wonderful memories of your family, it is a good option to prepare something delicious to eat. On the Savage River in Maryland, you will find some of the most beautiful brown, brook, and rainbow trouts from the entire east coast. In this place, you will also slalom and whitewater paddling.

If you like to fish and have never visited the state of Maryland before, this is a good opportunity to travel with your family and enjoy nature. You can get to the river by boat or by car through the Savage River nature park.


Youghiogheny River Lake Rafting

If you like speed and adrenaline, but, at the same time, you enjoy the contact of nature and the roar of rivers, rafting is your best alternative. Although there are many destinations for rafting in Maryland (such as the Potomac River), the Youghiogheny River Lake is famous for its fast and dizzying streams. This rafting route includes class 1 waters for beginners, up to whitewater large-waves class 5 (and even class 6) sections.

You can find many reputable expeditions in different parts of the state, which include high-quality security equipment and practical training for amateurs. This is a good option to enjoy a whole day outdoors, making a picnic, and spending a good time with your family and friends.

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Water Skiing in the Chesapeake Bay

Maybe you have quick reflexes, you are an enthusiast of speed, and have a strong balance. In that case, you can spend a pleasant time doing water skiing in the calm waters of the bay, and, eventually, you will have time to observe and discover unforgettable places. One of them is the Hart-Miller Island, located in the mouths of the Back River and Middle River, where you can ski, camp, and fish, among other things.

If you have never tried to practice this wonderful sport, what are you waiting for? You only live once!


Surfing in Ocean City

Who said there is only good surf in California and Hawaii? If you have not taken off on this Atlantic beach, you still have a lot to live. On a permanent basis, you will find surfers on the swell, even during the winter, in which, it is worth clarifying, you will find the best waves throughout the year and more space for your best acrobatics (of course, the water will be a bit cold, but this is nothing that a good suit cannot solve.)

Likewise, in this place, you can also dive since there is abundant sea life, and, especially, a large population of sharks. You can also have a good time at the Ocean Bowl Skatepark, Sudir Raju recommends!

If you want to spend a good surfing season, you will find excellent accommodations in the city. Remember to book your hotel in advance because almost 350 thousand tourists arrive in high season to enjoy the pleasant beaches of this place.


Paddle boarding and Kayaking

This is a good way to get to know new places and do ecotourism. You will not only get a good dose of exercise: you will get to know the wonderful waters of Maryland’s rivers and bays up close. One of the most demanded destinations by experts is Jane Island because of its miles and miles of calm waters in which you can row and beat your own records. If you are interested in whitewater kayaking, you just have to go to one of these trails and enjoy an amazing experience (if you have nerves of steel, of course!) You will notice that the weather is quite favorable for kayaking and you will see some of the best waterfalls of your life. Keep in mind that the demand for kayaking in Maryland is high, and, therefore, you should not arrive late at your destination site because parking will be a headache.

When it comes to paddle boarding, one of the best options is the Potomac River. There you will find decent equipment and paddle boarding lessons if it is the first time you practice this sport. However, the offer to practice paddle boarding in Maryland is tremendously wide, both in the Capital Region, in the Central Region, and in the Eastern Shore (click here for more information.)


Have fun!


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