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Skydiving in the Mid Atlantic: Where and what you should remember

Skydiving in the Mid Atlantic: Where and what you should remember

Not all of us like to spend time outdoors in the same way. Some people like to fish, others prefer to spend time hiking in the middle of nature, others feel calm running with their pets, and others, trying to feed their hunger for adrenaline, prefer to jump from a moving plane and drop from thousands of feet high and feel the force of the wind in their faces. This post is written for that last type of people. If you are into skydiving and you are in the Mid-Atlantic, you will like what you will read here. We will point out some destinations of your interest, as well as some recommendations that you should take into account.


This extensive state offers not only excellent possibilities for skydiving, with perfectly reliable experts but truly beautiful landscapes from the air that you can observe in 360 degrees. Many people choose this destination because of the favorable prices and the beautiful view they have in this green peaceful place. One of the best-ranked centers in Pennsylvania is the Skys The Limit Northeast Skydiving, followed by the Chambersburg Skydiving Center. In both cases, you will have wonderful experiences, and a day with a lot of adrenaline that you will never forget.



Many experts prefer clubs in this state because of their high professionalism. In fact, several soldiers of the US Army train here. Anyway, if it’s your first time, do not panic (you’ll have time for that, seriously.) In centers like Skydive Orange, you’ll have the best instructors, you’ll have the chance to jump several times, and you can record everything in video and in photography (your Facebook contacts will envy your profile pic really badly…) Generally, the best time of the year for skydiving is during the summer, but from spring to fall you will find decent centers available every day of the week.


This is the favorite destination of those seeking tandem skydiving. What does this modality consist of? Well, basically, to jump from an airplane it is necessary to go through a basic course, which generally lasts a whole day. During the course, you can jump several times: at the beginning next to the instructor, then you alone. Because some people do not have that much time and are quite impatient, there is something called tandem skydiving, and this consists of jumping only with the instructor who will be in charge of operating the entire parachute system so that you can just have fun and shout like if there’s no tomorrow. At Skydive OC, in Ocean City, you can jump in less than a couple of hours and enjoy an excellent landscape of the city as you fall at full speed. Fairly recommended.

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Now, if this is the first time you do skydiving, it is important that you remember the following recommendations very well. The first thing is that before you connect a center and book a day of skydiving, you should verify the certification of it. This activity seems so dangerous but it is really quite safe as long as all the necessary security protocols are followed. For this reason, it is better to avoid unnecessary surprises. Ask for the certification, review it, and check with the appropriate authorities if the license is valid or not. Once this is crossed out of your list, continue and have fun.

The second thing you should keep in mind is that, generally, all skydiving centers have the same restrictions (and following these is extremely important for your safety.) The most basic have to do with the weight of people: it should not exceed the 250 pounds, and the reason for this is that the parachutes do not resist beyond that weight. It is important that you have not donated blood in the days before the jump because your body is recovering and you need all your blood capacity to not faint during the jump (needless to say that a faint during this activity is extremely dangerous.) Another important point is that you should not have dived during that same day. Why? Because the water pressure has affected your body, and when you take it to ten thousand feet above the sea level or more, the atmospheric pressure (which is much lower) will affect it in a different and abrupt way. This may not only cause blood pressure problems but fainting.

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Well, it is also important to remember the obvious: do not jump from an airplane if you have consumed alcohol or other substances. It may be really dangerous to your health and you could even endanger other people. The last recommendation is that your first jump should always be tandem, with an instructor. It does not matter if you have already gone through a course and you know all the dos and no-nos of the skydiving world. It is advisable to jump first with someone else to lose the fear of jumping and to observe how a parachute is activated in practice.

Have fun!