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7 Adventures in Maryland You Cannot Miss

7 Adventures in Maryland You Cannot Miss

As mentioned by Sudir Raju in previous articles, Maryland is known for its diverse climate and landscapes; practically everyone is able to get outside and have a nice day while having some real fun irrespective of the season. Thus, in order to provide you with a checklist of activities you can always try, here’s a compilation of the most coveted and common outdoor adventures you can always embark yourself on:


The Rail Trails

Yes, the train is always a nice way to get around; however, and sadly, there are not many trains around anymore. But this loss ended up being someone else’s gain. Like yours, for example. These abandoned railroads have been taken care of and turned into both hiking and biking roads. The Western Maryland Rail Trail is a 23-mile long flat, paved trail along the Ohio Canal; the Baltimore-Annapolis road connects Glen Burnie and Annapolis with its short line road. Of course, these are just some of the most famous trails in that area, but the truth is there are dozens of other rail trails in the state. It is a very interesting way to see much of Maryland.




Calvert Cliffs State Park

Geeks of all ages are known for being faithful to their nature —they just love to explore and learn. This park is perfect for spending a whole day looking for fossils while hanging out on the park’s beach, especially the kids. Of course, by fossils, we mean big fishes, maybe sharks, teeth and bones. It’s not the lovely velociraptor you have always wanted to come across with, but it’s still worth it. Go after a storm, when pieces of bones and teeth wash ashore.


The Appalachian Trail

The state’s portion of the Appalachian Trail spans over 45 miles, all the way from Pen-Mar to the previously addressed Potomac River. Hiking enthusiasts may find this hike rather easy for their standards; however, that should not be an obstacle for not hitting the track if the opportunity presents itself. If you have never been there and this trail sounds like a good idea to yo, just follow the ridge of South Mountain and keep going until you find yourself in Virginia


Appalachian Trail
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Assateague Island: Pristine Beaches And Wild Horses

Not far from the crowded and busy Ocean City, Assateague Island, mostly known for its beaches and the presence of wild horses, is definitely the perfect family getaway (or even if you just go by yourself, it’s still a good idea —you will have a blast!). Camp right out on the sand or simply go for a walk across the nature trails —maybe you come across with several wild horses.


Cranesville Swamp

When the glaciers of the Ice Age melted almost 14.000 years ago, one small piece of swamp formed in Western Maryland. Today, the swamp houses 45 different species of rare plants and animals and is house to a subarctic wetland that resembles those from Canada. This is also an illuminating learning experience for kids, geeks and families alike, as it will give you an example of what North America looked like back then during the Ice Age. Of course, if you are planning on visiting Cranesville Swamp, you’d better go prepared —coats, jackets and spare clothing, in general, will always come in handy for this kind of weather.


Smith Island

Maryland is not only home of several of America’s most amazing places to spend a whole day outside your home, but it is also home of one of America’s most delicious desserts, and sometimes both things happen to be in the same place: Smith Island. Smith Island is a brief ferry ride away Crisfield, and home of the famous layered cake —the official dessert of the state—. And despite the fact that you can, of course, consider going to one of the last inhabited islands in the state just for getting layered cake an outdoor activity, there’s much you can do. Smith Island is the perfect place for families and foreigners who want to get some fresh air, and why not, some sweets.




Savage River

The western portion of the state of Maryland is home to one of the world-class trout fishing watercourse. Spanning over 32 miles, the river is divided into the Upper Savage River (mostly known for the presence of both wild brook and stocked rainbow trouts, and the Lower Savage River, which is full of wild brown and brook trouts. The perfect place for both families and individuals looking forward to spending a day just by themselves whilst enjoying fishing. This area, in particular, provides visitors with memorable landscapes and breathtaking sights, so make sure to take your camera just in case you want to bring home amazing digital memories. The river is accessible by road just outside the Savage River Forest.


A State Full Of Adventures

Although the aforementioned seven activities are just a sneak peak of what you can do in Maryland, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of different outdoor activities practically everywhere. You can watch a live fire demonstration at the Antietam National Battlefield, known for being the site where the bloodiest battle in the civil war took place. You can go any time of the year, but if you happen to be near that area around September during the anniversary weekend, chances are things are going to get wild!

Are you perhaps near Baltimore? Indulge with a Berger Cookie —which is another of America’s most famous desserts. This fudge covered delight, also known as the best cookie in Baltimore, is the perfect experience for chocolate lovers who just want to enjoy the city while enjoying this amazing treat. And, truth be told, Baltimore is not only known for this delicatessen but also for its amazing city landscape and architecture. In summary, the state has a lot to offer for both families and individuals wanting to spend a day by themselves away from their busy daily lives: hikes, trails, parks, cities, food, festivals and, traditional customs are everywhere, so it depends on what you want to do. The adventure is waiting.

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