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These theme parks would make you wish to visit Pennsylvania!

These theme parks would make you wish to visit Pennsylvania!

The Keystone State is not only famous for its lush forests and low temperatures during the winter but for its wide range of outdoor activities, including its excellent theme parks. While it is true that many people do not know what to do when they travel to Pennsylvania for the first time, all they have to do is look better, to ask the right questions. In this post, you will find a list of the best theme parks in this wonderful state, in case you want to spend a fun weekend with your family or partner. You will not regret!


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Koziar’s Christmas Village

This park located in Bernville is visited every year by visitors from all over the state (and even from all over the country.) Christmas shows are so diverse and enjoyable that they will make you cry with joy. The amount of details is overwhelming: the lights, the colors, the smell of hot chocolate everywhere, the Christmas choirs… All the visitors wish to return sometime. It is important to keep in mind two simple tips. The first one is bringing warm clothing, and the second one is to avoid attending on weekends because of the huge crowds.


Mount Hope Estate & Winery

If you enjoy ancient history and you consider yourself a nostalgic of the past, this may be your place. This Renaissance fair is a show you will never forget. It is located in Manheim, and the good news is that it is open almost the whole year. Of course, the best time is during the summer, when everything is shiny and colorful, the days are longer and the good weather invites you to celebrate. The food is fantastic, you can bring your pets (yes, you can also dress your dog like a princess or dragon,) and you will see several high-quality craft shops. People recommend the wines that are sold in this place: how does that sound?


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Kennywood Park

Are you in West Mifflin and do not know what to do in town? You will fall in love with this place. It’s not just the free parking, nor the fries (seriously,) nor the terrific picnic area where you can have the perfect family barbecue. The three roller coasters and water parks of this place are something just brought from another world. Although it is not excessively large, compared, for example, with Orlando parks, they are quite large and you can do something different during each visit. Some visitors complain about the high prices of food (actually, that’s the way things are in all theme parks,) so, if you do not want this to ruin your day, then bring your own food and enjoy the wonderful attractions.


Dutch Wonderland

This is one of the most recommended sites in Lancaster. Visiting this city and skipping this park is an unforgivable sin, punished with a huge remorse. In this old beautiful park, inspired by the Dutch palaces, you will find attractions for all tastes. If you want to walk and exercise if you want to get up to the roller coasters, if you want to take a nap under a tree, if you want to enjoy a wide gastronomic offer, it will be expecting you. The staff will make you feel at home, especially if you do not go on a weekend (sometimes there are a lot of people, really.) Because prices rise a lot during the high season, it is advisable to check the ticket prices online before you go: sometimes there are excellent seasonal discounts, and you don’t want to miss them.


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Knoebels Amusement Resort

This is one of those unexpected surprises, even for the people of Pennsylvania. This is a free park (at least the entrance and the parking lot,) where you only pay for the attractions you visit. Do not be fooled: being free does not mean that you will find it in poor conditions. It is a nice place, clean and well organized; an excellent place to light up a fire and have a nice barbecue, to take a nap outdoors, read, walk, or ride a bicycle. It’s amazing during the summer because people stay there until late, and everything seems like a huge party. The attractions are vintage and look beautiful. Highly recommended.



If you ever dreamed of going to a chocolate kingdom, you can stop daydreaming and travel to Hershey for your own good. Yes, as you hear it: it’s better than Willy Wonka’s Factory. There are roller coasters, a zoo, a huge food area and themed attractions for every season of the year. Christmas and Halloween are unforgettable. It is surprising how it changes during the night: the lights and shows make you wonder if it is really the same place you came in a few hours before. Keep in mind that it is quite crowded and that the lines for any attraction are usually long, especially on weekends. So, be patient and have fun like you never have.

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