7 Recommended Hostels When Hiking the Appalachian Trail

7 Recommended Hostels When Hiking the Appalachian Trail

If you are a hiking enthusiast, you will know that some walks are short and that you will only be outside of your home for a few hours. When you finish walking, you will take your car and drive back to your home to keep with your life. However, some walks are long. Some trails, such as the Appalachian, may take weeks to complete, and, for this reason, the hikers must know what to do when the night comes. Some hikers prefer to camp, others do not. The latter prefer to spend the night in one of the many hostels located along the whole trail, where they meet other hikers and share stories and tips. If you are one of these, then this post is for you.


Pine Ellis Lodging

This is one of the most famous hostels on the Appalachian Trail when the hikers reach the northern end of the road (or start the journey from up there.) The price for one night is fair: $ 25 for a shared room and $ 45 for a private room. Here you can get maps and tips about which routes are best, which shortcuts should not be taken and what are the basic precautions, in case you have not read enough before. The staff is quite attentive and the food (typical of the state) is very tasty.


Appalachian Trail


Appalachian Trail Lodge

The price of this hostel also fits the average ($ 25,) and here you will feel at home. In this hostel, there are not only hikers who want to walk the Appalachian Trail but tourists who come to visit the place and wish to spend their vacations in this wonderful little state. The Cafe in this hostel is quite famous and award-winning, and it could be a problem for you since you may not want to go hiking and, instead, keep taking the specialties of the house in the heat of the fireplace! It is recommended by several hikers.


Mohican Outdoor Center

This is the hostel preferred by hikers when going through New Jersey on their Appalachian Trail tour. Even though the price exceeds the average ($ 34 room, $ 13 tenting,) the truth is that it’s worth it. It is a very nice place, the food is absolutely delicious, and here you will find all sorts of travel supplies (including gasoline, in case you need it,) which, for the most part, are included in the price. If you need hiking sticks, compasses, survival knives, ropes, and other basic elements of hiking and camping, here you can find them at a good price.


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Ironmaster’s Mansion Hostel

This Pennsylvania legend is an amazing place that you will remember later. It is located in the old part of Cumberland County and is full of history. Due to its importance in town and its beautiful facilities, it may be used from time to time to celebrate weddings and other important events; so you will not only find hikers in this place but all kinds of guests. The base price is $ 25 and $ 35 with all meals included (and, certainly, considering the quality of the food, that’s recommended.) If you are not in a hurry, you may take a walk in the beautiful surroundings and enjoy the jewels of the state. If this is the first time you come to Pennsylvania, it is an excellent place to start getting to know it, so feel at home.


Harpers Ferry Hostel

There are not many hostels when traveling the Appalachian Trail in Maryland, but, without a doubt, this is the best option. The price is a bit cheaper than others ($ 22 room, $ 10 tenting,) and includes laundry service and, of course, internet access and meals. It is located in a beautiful location and you will feel like in a dream. This hostel is frequently visited by tourists, but also by water sports enthusiasts who want to spend a season in the quiet waters of Knoxville and train for their competitions. In this place, you can get workshops on the care of the environment, on hiking, camping, and survival techniques.




Teahorse Hostel

This is, for real, the best hostel in West Virginia when walking the Appalachian Trail. The price exceeds the average ($ 35,) but has several things included. If the bad weather stops you from continuing your walk, this place is perfect to wait, next to a hot fireplace. If you do not already know the typical food of West Virginia, the gastronomic offer of this hostel will be enough for you to be aware of everything you need to know about it.


Appalachian Dreamer Hiker Hostel

As its name implies, this hostel is part of the Appalachian Trail dream and is a must for many hikers passing through Virginia. The price of each night is donation-based, and, for sure, you will feel good paying the $ 25 average price of a hostel (or more) due to the wonderful and warm facilities of this hostel. This place is located on a farm (with several animals,) much of the food is grown here, and, if you wish to collaborate with a little volunteer work, here you can do it. You will enjoy it a lot.