6 New York Hiking Trails You Can’t Miss!

6 New York Hiking Trails You Can’t Miss!

If you live in New York, maybe you feel sometimes terribly overwhelmed by pollution, by traffic, by the stress of work, by the need to get anywhere so fast. If you want to cope with your routine and enjoy the wonders of nature, all you have to do is to drive a few miles, bring your backpack, put on a good pair of shoes, and go for a walk in the woods. The state of New York is famous for its excellent natural locations, which you can take advantage of going hiking. Let’s see some of the most famous and recommended trails.


Auburn-Fleming Trail

This one is not so long. Actually, it only consists of 1.6 miles. The road goes through forests, wetlands, and farming areas. Going there is not difficult, and one of the advantages is that you can park very easily. The road is quite flat, and this allows not only to walk but also to ride a bicycle all the way long. If you are looking for a place to take your pets out for a walk, this place is perfect. One of the best times of the year to walk it is during the fall because of the wonderful landscape that you will see on either side of the road.




Allegheny River Valley Trail

This route is also idyllic for those who want to ride a bicycle. In the same way, due to the asphalted ground of the whole route, this trail is ideal for disabled people who want to enjoy nature. The trail is about six miles long, but due to the ease of the terrain, you will not run out so fast. It has some few hills, but most of the trail is quite flat. For this reason, you will also find people riding on skates and skateboards, or training for a marathon. It is a beautiful place during the summer, ideal to take excellent photographs of the forests, bridges, and streams that you will find along the way.

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Black Diamond Trail

This route is for the experienced, for those who do not get tired fast, for whom 8.4 miles of route are not too much. This route takes place on a trail of crushed stone, mountains, wetlands, and, sometimes, flat roads. It is easy to find where to park, so what you have to do is just driving there and going for a walk. If you are training for a bicycle or triathlon race, this trail is good for exercising and keeping yourself fit. It is possible to cover it all by bicycle, but in some sections, it will be a challenge. For some walkers, it is difficult to find the way, so the best thing you can do is look for the coordinates before going for a walk.


Bloomingdale Bog Trail

If you want to spend a whole day walking, this trail is for you. 16 miles of walk, by all kinds of terrain: dirt, crushed stone, and sand. This trail is located in the Adirondack Forest Preserve. It is a wonderful reserve, full of wildlife, birds, and the native flora of the state. Due to its length, most hikers do not walk it completely; which may be relieving for you in case you are not interested in such long journeys, but, at the same time, you want to know this place. Get ready to dirty your shoes because on this trail you will have to cross some streams, and sometimes a bit of mud. However, it is quite a trail because of its beauty, so, do not miss it! It is a good opportunity to take excellent photos, make a good picnic, and enjoy the silence and clean air.



Bloomingdale Bog
Image by trwdsd | Flickr


Catskill Scenic Trail

The complete route of this trail is 26 miles, so, if you like long crossings, this trail is recommended. The interesting thing about this route is that you can not only walk, but fish, or even ride a horse. Wildlife also has a special role in this trail, because, if you are lucky, you will see beavers building their dams in the rivers. Despite the distance of the route, this trail is not difficult to walk. Most of the trail is flat, some sections are asphalted, and others have crushed stone, which will allow you to walk without difficulty, even during the harshest winter. Many people choose this trail to ride a bicycle. If you are interested in this, know that sometimes it will be a bit humid and difficult, but it will be a good experience, anyway.


Big Flats Trail

As the name implies, this trail is quite flat and easy to navigate. Many walkers come here to ride bicycles and fish. It is a good place to walk dogs and the route is very suitable for disabled people who want to do some exercise outdoors. Most of the route is covered by tree branches, so if you do not like sunlight, it will be ideal for you.

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