6 Excuses to spend your day outdoors in Virginia

6 Excuses to spend your day outdoors in Virginia

One of the great problems of modern society is that we all stay indoors for a long time. The issue is not only that we are missing out on the wonders of nature, but that this is affecting our health. To remain seated for a long time, without getting enough sunlight, without exercising much, without breathing fresh air, etc., those are dangerous habits. It is important to find the activities that push us to leave home. If you live in Virginia and you need to know what to do outside, this post is for you.


Virginia Creeper Trail

This is an excellent option both for those who enjoy riding a bicycle and for those who enjoy a good walk. Also, if you have pets, they will love it too. One of the great virtues of this trail is that it is surrounded by deep forest. This will not only offer you an excellent fresh air, but enough shade and tree branches to protect you during the rainy days. Actually, it’s an old mountain train line, which people now use as a hiking trail. The journey is easy, perfect for those who are just beginning to train. The latter is also a positive aspect in case you have children since it will not be such a difficult challenge for them.


Williamsburg Charter Sails

If what you are really interested in is water, the state of Virginia has a lot to give you. This is one of the boat tours that most users seek to perform water sports in this state. You can rent a boat and, thanks to GPS, you can sail without getting lost during the three-hour trip. If you do not know how to sail a boat, you can organize a family outing and set sail in a group of up to 10 people, and learn a little about the history of the Chesapeake Bay and the York River with the local guides. If you are lucky, you can even find dolphins swimming next to you. If you like fishing, this can also be an excellent opportunity. But if you’re just looking for some peace and silence, this is what you need.


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Jordan Hollow Stables

Maybe you need to a horse. Jordan Hollow Stables is an excellent opportunity to spend the day with your family. If you have never ridden a horse, the staff can find the best one for you. If you like speed and are already familiar with horses, you will also find a lot of fun here. The experience goes beyond simply riding, as the staff will explain to you and teach you things you surely do not know about these fantastic animals. The recommended walk is two hours and is perfect for taking children with you.


horseback riding
Courtesy of Alexander Dummer at Pexels.com


The Adventure Park at Virginia Aquarium

Maybe you are one of those who keeps a lot of energy and does not know how to burn it. Well, this is perfect. This is about adventures in the treetops, sliding on ropes, running over hanging bridges, and, above all, enjoying a spectacular landscape. You can learn how to climb, how to make basic knots, overcome obstacles, and feel a rush of adrenaline mixed with fun. You do not need to carry any equipment. If this is your first time in these types of activities, do not worry: there are difficulty levels for all kinds of people. If, on the contrary, you enjoy exercising, here you will have a lot of energy to burn, trust me.


RVA Paddlesports

The state of Virginia is famous for water sports. Here you can find all sort of rowing sports: rafting, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. It does not matter if this is your first time, you will surely end up loving it. In this place, the suggested duration of the activities is around three hours. The attention schedule goes from nine in the morning until eight at night. Several new users say that despite not being very convinced at the beginning of spending time doing rowing sports, in the end, they have always been captivated, especially when the river is at its best. Sounds good, right?


Kayak Nature Tours, Ltd.

If kayaking is your favorite paddle sport, this place will bewitch you. Although during the autumn and winter the weather may get a little raw, during the rest of the year the cold will not be a problem for you. From seven in the morning to seven at night you can enjoy the calm waters of the river and the sea. One of the attractions of this site is to kayak next to the dolphins and hunting eagles. If you do not know how to kayak, you will find enough coaches and equipment to start practicing it. It will be a wonderful experience and a great chance to exercise a bit, especially when the sea gets messy.


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