4 Of The Best Locations In Baltimore For Photographers

4 Of The Best Locations In Baltimore For Photographers

Mid-Atlantic states are known for being the perfect scenario for carrying out a sheer array of outdoor activities: ranging from perhaps some of America’s best hiking routes to breathtaking landscapes for photographers, states like Baltimore, as mentioned in previous articles by Sudir Raju, offer a complete range of possibilities to fit every taste. Given the fact that Baltimore is surrounded by some of the most beautiful sceneries in America, it is no wonder that a sheer array of individuals fond of photography and wildlife observation go there to capture unique moments. In spite of being a rather small state, Baltimore possesses a vast diversity in its landscape since a big portion of the land is near the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Its mountains and waterfalls is a powerful combination for those who are always seeking out to spend some time outside their homes.

When it comes to photography, Baltimore is an excellent scenario for finding the best locations for both photographers and photography enthusiasts. Here are some of the ones we have compiled, and although the list can go as far as one can only imagine, feel free to explore the area and add other locations to your future hikes.


Image by Fred Schroeder | Flickr


Rocks State Park

Located quite near Harford County, this northeastern portion of the state is known for including a sheer array of elements highly valued by photographers: forests, waterfalls, boulders and a creek. Make sure you bring all your elements as you will definitely need them, and do not forget to also come prepared and have your hiking equipment ready since you will surely go through all kinds of soils and surroundings. The park also features some of the most remarkable stone formations: The King and Queen Seat, for instance, is a natural 200 feet rock that provides an incredible view of the whole area.

Not far away from here, another area by the name of Kilgore Falls includes one of the state’s most beautiful waterfalls. Again, it is advisable to come prepared for all kinds of landscapes: bring different lenses and a  complete photography equipment so that you do not miss anything.


Swallow Falls State Park

Located near the western portion of the state, quite near the West Virginia line, Swallow Falls State Park has also always been dubbed as one of Baltimore’s best sceneries for photography, as it includes not one but several waterfalls and the famous Youghiogheny River which runs and flows all across the park. As in the previous paragraph, the park includes amazing boulders and rock formations which are highly valued by landscape photographers: Muddy Creek Falls, for instance, is more than 55 feet high.

It is advisable to bring a complete set of photography and proper clothing as you will likely face all sorts of weathers, landscapes, soils, etc. Bear in mind that since this is rather a diverse area, it is possible to come across poisonous plants such as hemlock, so do not forget to get acquainted with what kind of species you may run into.



Image by Matthew Beziat | Flickr


Gunpowder Falls State Park

Gunpowder Falls State Park can be found near the Chesapeake Bay. It is known for including the famous Gunpowder River and a sheer array of trails full of breathtaking photography elements. The park, just as the previous areas, includes different types of lands: wetlands, arid areas and rugged slopes. Given the fact that this is rather a large park, it has been separated into different sections, therefore, make sure you have your map ready and prepare in advance your trip. Getting acquainted with the area is definitely an advisable idea, for it will help plan ahead what locations you want to visit first. Unlike the previous parks, this vast region is known for its trails, so it is definitely perfect for hiking and photography enthusiast seeking out to catch a glimpse of Baltimore’s nature in its simplest yet most beautiful form.


Patapsco Valley State Park

Located in the western portion of Baltimore, the Patapsco Valley State Park is known for including more than 30 miles of the famous Patapsco River and more than 60 miles of trails and hikes. This is perhaps one of the state’s most coveted areas by both foreign and local photography and hiking enthusiasts as it is possible to come across waterfalls, swinging bridges, forests and other water streams. As in the previous paragraph, the park has also been separated into several sections, which is why getting acquainted with the area—if this happens to be your first time—is rather advisable. Make sure to do a thorough research prior to recklessly embarking yourself on the adventure and plan ahead properly. Make sure to also bring proper clothing and equipment since you will surely be walking over all types of soils and past all types of environments.